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Rapper PnB Rock Gets Into Massive Brawl At The Mall, Here Is The Video

PnB Rock

PnB Rock is back in the headlines this weekend after getting into a massive brawl at the mall.

Last week, the Philly rapper, whose real name is Rakim Allen, was captured in a video getting arrested after cops swarmed his vehicle. PnB Rock later went on Instagram Live to dispel reports that he was arrested, saying that he was only detained by cops. On Sunday, TMZ published a video allegedly of PnB and his crew getting into a massive brawl inside a Neiman Marcus store at the mall.

The alleged incident went down on Saturday when the rapper and his crew allegedly attacked three men shopping inside the store and started stomping them out. The quality of the video is not that good, but you can see a man wearing a similar outfit to one that PnB Rock was wearing in a photo he posted on his IG account just hours before. The man in the clip below was stomping on a man on the ground while another group of men was seen attacking another man at another section of the store.

Sources say that cops were not called into the scene, and the mall security detail has remained tight-lipped on the incident.

Earlier this year, PnB Rock was arrested for possession of a stolen gun, a stack of cash and drugs. He had another running with law enforcement last week, but he is adamant that he was not taken in custody. We will be paying close attention to any new development on this brawl.