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Cardi B Enchants Offset In Dancehall Culture, Living Their Best Lives In The Caribbean

Cardi B and Offset are only listening to dancehall music whole living their best lives in the Caribbean.

Cardi B followed this mantra without fear when she partied in Turks and Caicos with her husband Offset and a few friends. Cardi is a smart girl and knows that a true Caribbean party has to include a few dancehall bangers, especially those for the ladies. She captured a lot of the evening’s proceedings on her Instagram account and her Jamaican, or more specific, dancehall fans went bunkers when they heard Spice’s 2014 song “So Me Like It” and Vanessa Bling’s 2010 song “Everything Fi Hold Him.”

Ever the life of the party, it seems Cardi B dared her husband to a shot of Henny. A keen observation shows that it had to be more than one standard shot in the glass. Nevertheless, the Migos rapper downs it without flinching, and like the perfect wife, Cardi puts on one of the best celebratory dances any husband could ever hope for to Vanessa’s hit song. The rapper’s waist went into overdrive as she proceeded to ‘buss a whine’ as Vanessa sings, “me a the wifey me no know a who you star..” We are not sure if the Venessa Bling track was selected by her just for the challenge, but one thing is sure, it worked well for the occasion.

Vanessa Bling reposted the Instagram video and even offered Cardi a custom edit meanwhile wishing her a happy birthday.

“@iamcardib I know u love this song #EverythingFiholdhim ama redu it for u dub style @iamcardib have everything fi hold @offsetyrn everything fi own him you good good weh a control him every night enuh.#hbd #vanessabling,” went the caption.

We are treated to more of the “Bodak Yellow” artiste seductive whining and grinding during the second clip, as she vibes to “So Me Like It.” She follows the lyrics and rhythm of the song with such precision, dropping it to the floor as Spice sings, “pon e bassline me a buss a whine.”

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#CardiB vibing to #spice on her birthday

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Cardi is not one to shy away from her past and has stated on numerous occasions that she was a stripper in her previous profession, sporting the moniker of Diamond.

The New York rapper seems to have enjoyed her birthday celebration with her family, including Offset and her sister Hennessy, in one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos.