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Jahmiel Pours His Emotion In “I Need You” Video

Reggae singer/songwriter Jahmiel has dropped the official video for his single, “I Need You,” and the imagery could bring tears to your eyes. The video — released on October 11, 2019 —is set on what seems to be a lush green landscape with the only form of infrastructure being a wooden cottage-like building that gives off a somber mood, most fitting for his ballad.

The song which was produced by EmudioRecords begins with the lines, “First thing first, I know this is really love/ Cause baby, me feel the love,” sets the tone for what seems to be a ballad of love. The song is dripping with passion as Jahmiel continued to express his need for his romantic counterpart.

“Cause everybody need somebody/But I don’t really need just anybody/Girl, I need you-ooh-ooh/I need you-ooh-ooh” Jahmiel sings in the chorus of the song.

The video then went on to depict a female who Jahmiel share intimate moments with, seemingly battling with cancer. The video highlighted keenly highlighted different stages that in cancer treatment, such as the loss of hair, sourcing funds for treatment, and ultimately died. The release of the video and its topic seems not only fitting for the song, but it also lines up with World Breast cancer awareness month, which is celebrated in October.

The video is currently trending at number eighteen on streaming site YouTube and has received over 77,000 views after only a day of being posted.