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Fat Joe, Cardi B & Anuel AA Links Up In “Yes” Video Watch It

Fat Joe recruited Cardi B and Anuel AA for a new Latin banger. The RNG / EMPIRE production features a hardcore beat with a foreign language sample that is repeated in the background throughout the track, but these visuals bring even more heat to the speakers and the screen.

The music video, which was directed by Eif Rivera, is currently #3 on trending and is already boasting over 2 million views in less than a day. It features a ton of female dancers twerking, including Cardi B in her own scene. The apparel suggests that the video might have been sponsored by Fashion Nova, which Cardi is closely affiliated.

The very first scene of the video is open to interpretation. Several women dressed in white from head to ankles are seen entering a large body of water together before they start performing some sort of ritual that included chanting, scattering rose petals, smoking an incense-like ritualistic herb and maracas-shaking. Interestingly, when the scene ends, we never see these women or their props again.

The video is filled with fun effects and eye-popping aesthetics. After making a statement in Spanish, Fat Joe kicks off the simple and catchy chorus then delivers a wicked first verse before Cardi spits some fire bars. Anuel’s third verse is entirely rapped in Spanish but still effortlessly appeals to English-speaking unilingual. This song would be a hit even without lyrics because of the captivating beat. Watch the music video for ‘Yes’ here.