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Shane O Drops Visual For Gage Diss Track “Diss Anyy Bodyyy”

Shane O has released the video for his song Diss Anybody, which was included in the clash with fellow dancehall artiste Gage. This clash was unexpected and yielded some great diss songs from Shane O like Destruction, Hitler, and Finish Him.

However, Shane O has taken it a bit further by releasing a video for Diss Anybody, his first track in the altercation. I wonder if he will motivate Gage to do the same for one of his diss songs released in the clash. Diss anybody is an exhibition of Shane O’s lyrical mastery playing with flows as if he were in the sandlot back in primary school.

“Dem nah live again / look how much corn PLANT inna head / dem nah sen nobody home dem nuh have the heart inna dem / so as a bwoy talk him dead / shot claat inna head / huh talking again/ when mi a bad dem deh inna bed/ if dem nuh know seh mi wi fling it inna head,” Shane O deejay.

Shane O puts his cards on the table and hopes to capitalize on the obvious traction gained from this clash. The SOR boss was first known for his famous clash with then Portmore Empire artiste School Bwoy. Therefore many have high expectations for one of 2018’s break out stars. Gage, however, has been no pushover, a fact that has treated us to one of the best lyrical confrontations in recent times.

The video shows a Grimey portrayal of a crime in progress as Shane O’s vocals act as the narrator. “It’s like a movie” as the mission is completed by the “Mil Fi Share” artiste and his cronies. Definitely an interesting watch, even beyond that, Gage will be kicking to respond. The more we coming to keep an eye on this clash, the better it gets. If you haven’t tuned in to the clash as yet, start by watching Shane O’s Diss Anybody music video.