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Tommy Lee Sparta Delivers “Hurricane Breeze” – New Song

Tommy Lee Sparta

It’s been a while since we heard anything new from the Uncle Demon side of Tommy Lee Sparta. After dropping his hit “Blessings” earlier this year, the dancehall artiste almost went radio silent. Now Tommy Lee is finally back with new music, and it’s coming in the form of a “Hurricane Breeze.”

The deejay’s latest track is a war song produced by CodeLank Music. Though it appeared that the Sparta boss turned away from gangster music for a while after ‘Top Shotta’ this summer, it seems he cut that hiatus short with his newest song.

“If a 30 ina di clip everything yu aguh get / 5 ina yu head, 2 ina yu chest, 1 ina neck / Drop before dem sen di taxi – instant death / Sumady affi dead when di Spartan step / Mek yu mada affi bawl and a pree casket / So yu f–k around suh easy yu get a bat flick / An yu gyal a bawl, a di best actress / Badness a nuh no movie yu cya act dis,” Tommy Lee Sparta deejay.

The Spartan king shows no mercy in this hardcore track where he unleashes full bars for the whole track without any retreat. One might assume that he does intend for these shots to reach a victim of choice. The question is, who is on the receiving end of Tommy Lee Sparta’s rifle?

Like the rest of us, you can try to deduce what you can from “Hurricane Breeze.” Uncle Demon is back.