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Nick Cannon Claps Back At Charlamagne Tha God And He Responded

Nick Cannon has responded to some hate from Charlamagne Tha God and The Breakfast Club host has also responded.

We recently learned that Nick Cannon will be getting his own talk show in 2020. The story made headlines when the already super busy celebrity announced his new venture on the Wendy Williams Show. Since word has gotten out about Cannon’s impending daytime television debut, critics have been weighing in. ‘The Breakfast Club’ cast member Charlamagne Tha God for example, reportedly said that he does not believe Nick Cannon will continue with his morning radio show if he gets a daytime talk show.

The radio host has since responded saying, “Everyone knows that I do a lot of things but I’m here to prove everybody wrong. I love radio, I love this morning show and I’m not going anywhere regardless of what jobs that I get ’cause you guys are my family,” he said on the radio show.

Nick also took to Instagram to share his thoughts on what Charlamagne expressed on the show. “Hater Friends!! How many of us have them??! LOL **NEW TERM** should we call them: Hatriends= Hater+Friends Or Fraters= Friendly Haters @cthagod and many others in my life that I love and deal with daily all constantly fuel me for greatness! I just want to say thank you… Hold my Beer!!” Nick captioned the clip from The Breakfast Club episode where he was discussed.

Charlamagne has defended his statement saying him believing Nick won’t stick around on his radio show if he starts daytime TV is not him hating. According to him, the only time he ever critiqued Nick Cannon negatively is when he does rap music. To further prove his point, Charlamagne called over another staff member on The Breakfast Club and asked her if she likes Nick Cannon as a rapper. She said, “I do not like Nick Cannon as a rapper at all.” Charlamagne then asked, “But he’s great at everything else?” and she agreed. Charlamagne went on to say, “I love Nick Cannon as a person and as a businessman, not as a rapper. And that’s not hate, that’s not bashing him since day one.” That’s fair.