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Mr. Vegas Confident Collab With Brazilian Artiste Will Reach 1 Billion Views

Dancehall artiste, Mr. Vegas, says he is confident his new single Estoy Aqui, a collab with Brazilian funk artiste MC Fioti, Topo La Maskara, and Amara La Negra, will garner at least one billion views on YouTube.

According to Mr. Vegas, this is because Fioti has a massive audience and already has songs that have garnered more than a billion views on YouTube.

“So mi tell oonu seh dis song right yah so a go ova a billion views. Dem people a stream billions weh mi a work wid,” Vegas bragged on his Live Instagram feed on the weekend.

“Dem man yah YouTube yah a 1.3 billion. Dem numba wi want get our ting yah right up; inna di billion wi want go yah now. All Sean Paul, a do good tuh. Yuh si nobaddy naw pay him no mind roun suh. Sean Paul a do good numbers people. Yuh want si Sean Paul numba dem.

Mr. Vegas’ projections might not be far-fetched as Fioti has had more than 1.3 billion views on his Bum Bum Tam Tam video which was streamed on KondZilla entertainment company’s YouTube channel, the sixth most-subscribed music channel in the world with 50 million subscribers and more than 25 billion views.

Estoy Aqui (which is Portuguese for ‘I’m here’) was posted on Kondzilla on Saturday and has garnered close to 200,000 views so far. The channel is owned by YouTube megastar Canal KondZilla, who is also a director and producer of electronic funk music videos, which are done through his subsidiaries KondZilla Films and KondZilla Records.

Mr Vegas also said streaming is now the in-thing and because it has been growing in popularity, artistes must ensure they capitalize on it.

“A streaming di ting deh yah now enuh. A nuh like one time man a talk bout when dem numba one pon Billboard or weh deh inna chart an dem suppm den enuh. If yuh ting naw stream right now pon Spotify and dem ting deh, yuh naw gwaan wid nuttn, because di likkle yute dem now, a Spotify dem a seh not even iTunes so much like Spotify enuh,” Vegas declared.

“So if yuh ting naw gwaan good pon Spotify, yuh know seh yuh inna problem bout yah. Yuh stay a di airport. If yuh naw stream, yuh music naw pass the airport,” he added.

Vegas said his compatriot Koffee is also doing well in streaming, as well as other seemingly dormant artistes from Jamaica. He said it is a useful tool in planning ad decision-making for artistes, as it can be used to identify where in the world their biggest audience is located.

“So nuff artiste weh oonu naw hear a Jamaica and tink seh di artiste dem naw gwan wid nuttn, di artiste dem a stream. Because once yuh a stream, you can look pon yuh demography weh yuh music a stream and yuh can go perform inna da market deh and promote yuhself inna da market deh. Like my market, my market pon Spotify a di Spanish market, French market. A mi two major market,” he said.