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Kanye West’s ‘Sunday Service’ In New York Caused Walkouts, Here Is Why

Kanye West might’ve had his first dose of backlash from church folks.

Since early January 2019, Kanye West and members of the Kardashian family has taken up the practice of attending an elusive “Sunday Service” gathering where Kanye would perform. On Sunday, Kanye held another of his weekly Sunday services at the Greater Allen A.M.E Cathedral in New York City and churchgoers were not pleased with is performance.

According to a scathing report from The Daily Beast, persons in attendance were so offended by the content of his performance that they began to walk out of the service. According to the article, the morning sermon was going good until Kanye began his performance; the service shifted.

A majority of those in attendance had left the church before Kanye had finished his performance. It appeared that a trigger factor of his performance was that it was done in the pulpit, which is seen as a sacred place and is usually used for spiritual rituals. At the same time, regular churchgoers were subjected to sit in the back of the church while the celebrities in attendance were given preferential treatment and were allowed to sit to the front of the church.

Kanye’s Sunday services usually featuring artists like Kaye Fox, 070 Shake, and Kid Cudi backed by the voices of a choir. Kanye has always had a God complex, with song titles such as “I Am a God,” “Jesus Walks” and even posing as Jesus on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Kanye has been promoting the release of his album Jesus is king that was scheduled to be released in September. To date, the release date of his album is still uncertain, and fans are becoming impatient. Fans were previously waiting on the release of the album Yandhi but were put on the back burner for Jesus Is King. Now it seems fans will be getting neither.