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Squash Chronicles Alkaline’s Death In “Bulla Head” Video

Squash, aka 6ix Boss, might not be done with the 6ix vs. Vendetta war.

Just when we thought the war was over, Squash the 6xx Boss drops a catchy war track accompanied with visuals to size up with the Vendetta boss, Alkaline. The official music video for the song “Bulla Head” was just released today (Sep 27) and came with the shock value that Squash needs to sell to get ahead in this lyrical gun battle. The video follows the story of a small organized crime squad carrying out a hit ordered by the 6ix Boss himself.

The male victim who met his maker, in the end, was coerced by the stereotypical attractive female and submitted to her seductive villainy. “Dem a try fi start a war wah dem nuh ready fa / Sen one a mi gyal fi s**k yu h**d and mek she bury yu / Cla-cla-clack bow!! two out a di Jericho / Buss dem head ina di shop dem nuh know weh me go,” Squash deejay.

The lyrics and flow in this song are much more impressive than anything else we’ve heard from Squash in this war so far, and the added element of such well-directed visuals really pushes the track over the top.

“So mi screechy pon ends, coulda peep thru door // Nyam up yu bulla head, dat a boom pon floor // All when him drop mi check if him face bore // Mi stan up ova di body gi him di next load,” A seemingly great night at a party with beautiful ladies erupted into countless gunshots and brutal murder for an unsuspecting victim.

The war is back on! Check out Squash’s performance in his new video for “Bulla Head” here.