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Rapper Young Dro Sentenced To 1 Year For Using Banana Pudding To Hit Girlfriend

Rapper Young Dro

Young Dro will be getting off fairly easy for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. He was sentenced to 12 months for the attack, however, the rapper will be serving a mere 70 days.

Back in July, after having a dispute over money the rapper physically assaulted his girlfriend. According to TMZ, Young Dro allegedly punched the woman and smashed a plate of banana pudding in her face before vandalizing the living room furniture with a kitchen knife. The rapper’s girlfriend did not wish to press any charges. Despite that, he was subsequently arrested as the encounter left the woman bruised.

The “Shoulder Lean” rapper plead guilty to 1 count of battery/family violence. According to reports he has been sentenced to 12 months behind bars however the rapper will miraculously only serve a mere 70 days.

It seems Young Dro is in someone’s good fortune though, as he also got credit for 20 days as time served in addition to the reduced sentence. Meaning the rapper will only have to remain in prison for 50 days. But his luck doesn’t stop there, he will also receive an extra day of credit for each day of good behavior.

This means if the rapper does his best to stay out of trouble and is seen as a model prisoner, he could be free and back home as early as October 5, 2019.

The severity of his actions will have some lasting consequences though as it is reported that the rapper will be placed on probation for the remaining 12 months after he is released from prison. Another condition of his release and probation is that he will also have to remain sober, submit to drug/alcohol tests within 30 days of release, and attend domestic violence counseling.

If the rapper voids any of these conditions, he will be thrown right back in prison. Let’s hope when he gets out, he is able to keep himself on the straight and narrow.