Mr. Vegas Says He Will Never Perform In Bahamas Again, Here Is Why

Dancehall artiste, Mr. Vegas, has declared that he will never perform in the Bahamas again, as long as he lives.

His comments come after hearing what he says are numerous voice notes and seeing incessant videos of Bahamians calling for Haitians living within the Bahamian archipelago to be killed and maimed, without even being rebuked by their compatriots.

Vegas who has been preaching Afrocentrism in recent years has been vocal about the treatment being meted out ‘our Haitian brothers and sisters’ since the passage of Hurricane Dorian which ravaged the island just over three weeks ago. According to him, he has been the subject of vitriolic comments directed towards him by some Bahamians over his stance on the Haitian matter.

“Mi see all one a di radio station a call mi ‘cunny’ and all a dese things. Das why mi a tell oonu seh, mi naw perform inna di Bahamas again. No matta if onu waa seh oonu neva want mi deh, or mi career done or whateva oonu want to seh. My career can’t done; my career just a start, becaw people still a say ‘Heads High’,” Vegas declared.

Mr. Vegas also commented on a post made by a Jamaican man living in The Bahamas who has come under immense pressure for commenting on the state of affairs in the Bahamas, as it relates to the manner in which Haitians have been treated post-Dorian.

According to MV, some Bahamians have now been using the statements made by the man as an excuse to launch verbal attacks on Jamaicans, whom he says are not well-liked by nationals of that country.

“I can see that the brother is under some form of duress. I see some people commenting that dem mus send him a him yard. Bredrin, if dem waa sen yo a yo yard, come a yo yard. Wi can mek ends meet bredda. Mi a tell yo dat 100 percent. Opportunities deh yah. Come a yo yard. Mi know yuh have yo family dem a Bahamas, but come a yo yard. No stay a no people place mek dem wak pon yo bredda,” the artiste urged.

“These voice notes are no simple thing like how people want to just brush it under the carpet as some crazy people sayin these things. It took one woman to burn down Black Wall Street. One woman told a lie on a brother and they burnt down Black Wall Street. So if we were not speaking out now, we don’t know what would have happened to the Haitians. Maybe people would have been chopping them up now,” Vegas added.