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Chris Brown Dancer Who Is Suing Him Release Photos Of Horrific Eye Injury

The dancer who is suing Chris Brown released photos of her horrific eye injuries.

Danielle Griffin, the woman suing “Heat” singer Chris Brown for eye injuries she allegedly suffered during a video shoot 2 years ago has released photos of the gruesome injury along with the name of the music video. Urban Islandz reported on this story on September 8th, and at the time there were no photos of the alleged injury nor information regarding which music video the injury took place. According to Danielle, she was employed as a backup dancer back in September of 2017 to participate in a music video, which was shooting in Downtown Los Angeles.

In the court documents, she stated that a wardrobe and make-up artist with the first name Angel poured fake blood on her face without protective gears and that resulted in severe damages to her eyes.

Danielle claimed that the liquid caused significant damage to both eyes. The documents confirmed that she was soliciting the court’s assistance requesting more than $25,000, to cover “loss of wages including past and present,” as well as she was seeking compensation for the damages, “including medical care and treatment of personal injuries.”

In the photo obtained by TMZ, Danielle’s eyes appear inflamed and swollen, caked in a slimy greenish substance, which is said to be pus discharging from her eyes. It looks gruesome and painful.

Danielle’s lawyer, Arshia Mardasi of Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie told TMZ that the backup dancer had to visit three different hospitals in a 24-hour time frame to seek medical assistance for her extreme eye injuries. Danielle’s lawyer also went on to state that she was confined for several months during her recovery period. That, in turn, resulted in Danielle dropping out of her master’s degree program, and it also caused her to miss several job opportunities.

The music video that Danielle was hired for during which the injuries took place was “High End,” which features Future and Young Thug. The video which has a disclaimer at the beginning depicts a satanic, demonic cult-like ritual that is stated to be purely for artistic purposes.

The comment section of the video is now plagued with statements concerning Danielle and her eye injury as well as persons rebuking Chris for the satanic concept of the video.