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Cardi B Breaks Down “No Snitching” Code, Why Tekashi 6ix9ine Sets Bad Precedent

Cardi B breaks down the number one rule of the street, “no snitching.” Explains why Tekashi 6ix9ine sets a bad precedent.

Cardi B recently went on her Instagram Live and stated if you choose to be in the streets, then when you get locked up you need to keep your mouth shut, and that’s why nobody feels bad for snitches. Over the past week, rapper Tekashi 69 testified against his former Nine Trey Blood gang members as part of a plea deal with the feds to get his possible 47-year sentence for gun and racketeering charges reduced to time served. The rapper was extremely cooperative and gave extensive detail on the gang’s organizational structure such as the rankings of various members and illegal activities the gang participated in.

The “FEFE” rapper identified gang members via photos, audio, and text messages. He also gave information that implicated him in the attempted murder of rappers Trippie Redd, Casanova, and Chief Keef. Tekashi 6ix9ine went on to confirm that rappers Jim Jones and Cardi B were known gang members.

Tekashi is possibly the most talked-about rapper currently. The internet has been sounding off about him being a snitch, and there are valid arguments for each side. New information has been coming to light detailing the rapper’s time with the gang. One key detail is the fact that he was simply being used to fund their activities. There was also a leaked video, and audio confirming the gang robbed and kidnapped him back in 2018. Since then, many fans have gone on the defensive stating that if they were in his shoes, they would snitch too.

Cardi B recently reacted to him name dropping her in court stating, “I don’t know that man.” She has also gone on to confirm via a tweet that she is a Blood gang member. However, she is Brims and not Nine Trey. It seems the rapper is still pretty upset about the recent revelations by Tekashi in court as she went on a 6-minute long rant on her Instagram Live. During the Live Cardi discusses street code and explains why gang members should not snitch. She explains that all gangs have one golden rule, which is, “do not snitch.”

“Today we are going to be talking about snitching right because let me tell you something when I see people post something about people snitching and people be in the comments like ‘oh if I was to get this, and that time I’ll snitch too, I’ll snitch too’ see this is my thing right when it comes to people…when you are just a regular person in life and you in a situation like you probably were in the street, and somebody robbed you, or like somebody is abusing you or some f**k s**t happened we don’t tell people like oh don’t go to the police, don’t snitch. If you are like a regular person, you do what you do,” she said, explaining what she classifies as snitching.

She then goes on to explain that once you make the decision to be in the streets, you shouldn’t be snitching, “If you are in the streets, there’s an oath that you take. There’s rules in the street. You’re not gonna be selling drugs, you’re not gonna be committing crimes, the crimes that you commit are street crimes then when you get locked up you’re gonna snitch. It doesn’t work like that.”

She added, “You have an option in life to be good or bad. You don’t have to be in the streets, you don’t have to be in a gang. You don’t have to be gang-related. Being gang-related is never forced. If you’re doing something that you might have a chance of getting arrested and you know when you get arrested you’re going to snitch then you shouldn’t be f**king doing it in the mutherf**king first place.”

Cardi goes on to explain street code, “Every gang has one rule no snitching. Every gang, every street has one rule that’s not written it’s known, no snitching. When people be like we hate snitches, f**k snitches, snitches be b**ches. I don’t think they talking about regular pedestrians, regular people. We’re talking about n**gas and b**ches that want to be in the f**king streets, that when sh*t get hot they f**king turn cold. You need to know the f**king street code or don’t be in the f**king streets. Period.”

Cardi B also goes on to state, “Everybody lives gonna get f**ked because you couldn’t keep your mouth quiet. That’s why you shouldn’t do the crime. That’s why its a motherf**king problem when n**gas snitch. Don’t nobody asking a teacher that God forbid put themself through something not to snitch. That’s why we don’t feel bad for snitches cuz you had a choice.”

Fans have been bashing Cardi for her statements calling the rapper stupid and stating that she snitched on herself. Fans are even pointing out the fact that Tekashi was never truly a member of the gang. One fan stated, “All them ni**as already said “he’s not a gang member,” another stated, “Lmao listening to her makes me feel dumb sometimes.”

While another fan who shared her sentiments added, “She’s right if you know you’re going to snitch after joining a gang you shouldn’t do it in the first place!!! If you know you’re not about that time…. you shouldn’t do it in the first place. I get why he did it but he’s foul.”

One definite fact that she mentioned is that his testimony will affect many lives including that of his child and baby mama as she recently went on Instagram to express that she feels sorry for him but that he didn’t think about them when he did what he did. However, what is done cannot be undone. Everyone involved needs to find a way to move forward.