Beenie Man Visits His Nephew’s School Then Chaos Erupts

Beenie Man
Beenie Man

Beenie Man took a visit to his nephew’s school earlier today, and nothing could have prepared him for the excitement and uproar that was unleashed by the students. Beenie Man is surprisingly well-loved by the younger generation.

Moses Anthony Davis, better known by his stage name Beenie Man, has had a career spanning decades, approximately 40 years in total and he is still a big influence in today’s culture. His music career took off after he performed at the Reggae Sunsplash festival back in 1992. He is also known for his huge rivalry with the warlord Bounty Killer after he was accused of copying Bounty’s mannerisms and speech.

Beenie has an extensive catalog of music with many hits such as, “King of the Dancehall,” “Slam,” “Girls Dem Sugar,” “Who Am I” and endless others. He is a prolific artiste known for his brilliant lyrical flow. He has collaborated with international singers such as Mya, Janet Jackson, and Nicki Minaj.

Although he is still making music today with recent releases such as “One King” and “Know Bout Yuh” he is more popularly known amongst the older generation. Which is why it came as a complete surprise that they would get the reaction he did when he visited his 8-year-old nephew’s school.

The deejay took to Instagram to share a video of him stopping by his nephew’s school to wish him a happy birthday. Upon stepping foot on the compound, Beenie was rushed by a large group of screaming students. They pulled at his clothing and hugged the deejay showing their love. They shouted, “Beenie Man, Beenie Man,” repeatedly. The students can be heard being told to relax, and a teacher and security guard can be seen pulling students off the deejay. They basically lost their minds.

Beenie Man who did not expect to receive such an enormous level of love captioned his post, “When yuh think yuh coulda sneak inna yuh little 8-year-old nephew school just to bless him up pon him birthday. Then this happen!”

He went on to add, “Before I entered the school I was thinking them pickney ya nuh know mi! But that change in a split second. The love the youths them showed me not even being in front of 50 000 adult fans moved me like this. It’s a joy and a blessing to still be able to touch a child. #kingbeenieman #BeenieMan #MosesDavis.”

Many have been expressing their joy for the deejay with one fan commenting, “How dem a gwan like 90s artise no relevant to this generation bless up the king,” while another added, “This must be a great feeling mi artist a child shall lead them u still got it king.”

Beenie’s fiance Krystal, who is also the mother of his baby girl Xiah Amina commented, “you almost never make it back home!”

Beenie certainly feels overjoyed at the amazing love he received, and it’s such a positive thing to see the impact he has on the younger generation.

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The kids love #beenieman

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