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Birdman Could Be Hit With $20 Million Judgement Over Miami Mansion


Birdman might have not too long ago settled his lawsuit with Lil Wayne, but it looks like he will now have another court case.

Birdman is being accused of lying to acquire wrongful loans by a company called EMG Transfer Agent. He is said to owe the company $20 million on his previously owned Miami mansion. EMG says the Cash Money CEO defaulted on his $12 million loan for which he had put his house up as collateral, He was evicted from the Miami home and the property was seized as part of the ongoing court battle.

The lawsuit which was first filed in 2017, is resurfacing now because EMG Transfer Agent wants the court to grant a verdict before trial. According to The Blast, the company stated in court documents that Birdman claimed at the time of the loan that the $12 million was to invest in a vodka business, however, the company believes it was all a lie. They believe he had no intention to use the money for business purposes but rather for personal expenses.

In their statement, EMT said, “As of the close of business on September 13, 2019, Borrowers and Guarantor are indebted, jointly and severally, to Plaintiff at the sum of $20,544,656.49, plus attorney fees, costs, and default interest that continues to accrue.” The presiding judge has not yet ruled on the case. However, EMG leads with a very compelling argument.