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Jamaica’s Opposition Leader Says He’s Ready To Fight For Dancehall

The popular outcry amongst party promoters and Dancehall music selectors about the early lockdown of events across Kingston, coupled with the No Music, No Vote movement has attracted the attention of Jamaica’s Opposition leader Dr. Peter Phillips.

The politician and members of his staff, met with some stakeholders in the entertainment fraternity on Monday at his Kingston offices. Dr. Phillips, a veteran Member of Parliament, gave an update on his social media platforms as the meeting progressed, and following its closure.

“#CurrentSituation. Meeting with some members of the Entertainment Sector to discuss challenges affecting the industry such as the Noise Abatement Act. We are facilitating a balanced consultative approach to problem solving. #PNPonyourside,” he captioned the first of the posts.

“We had a vibrant discussion with some members of the Entertainment Sector – Sound System Operators, Event Promoters, Dancer – and agreed on proposals for solutions as a way forward which will form the basis of an action plan. #PNPonyourside,” he captioned the other.

However, right away some of Dr. Phillip’s supporters poured cold water on the meeting.

“Be careful what you promise, they are an unruly bunch,” one person warned on Facebook.

A youngster who viewed Dr. Phillips posts on Instagram was not impressed with what had transpired, as according to him, he was yet to see the people who were actually active within the Dancehall space in the meeting.

“All I see is a bunch of PNP people desperate for power. Where are the real entertainment people?” he posted.

However, his question was met with disapproval by sound system selector, Ricky Trooper who has been at the forefront of the “No Music, No Vote cry.”

“Why it can’t be something positive because the Government and the Opposition are working with the entertainment industry to come to some common grounds on this burning issue of the Noise Abatement Act. Support the movements please and share your ideas for solutions so we can move forward,” Trooper said in response.

Despite Troopers efforts to sway him, the youngster was unrelenting and continued to argue that there were no young people in attendance to engage the politicians and put their own position forward for them to be addressed.

“Ricky Trooper, supporting the movement isn’t one sided, OK? All I see in this picture is a bunch of brainless old folks, where are the real entertainment ppl? That’s what I’m asking!!!!!! It has nothing to do with negativity, why aren’t there no real promoters, organizers etc in the picture!!” he questioned.