Dancehall Legend Tanya Stephens Blast MoBay Mayor For Banning Gay Pride Events At Cultural Centre

Unlike her dancehall counterpart Foota Hype, Tanya Stephens is upset with Montego Bay Mayor Homer Davis’ for his decision to deny access to an LGBT group who wanted to stage a pro-gay event at the Montego Bay Cultural Centre.

On Friday Stephens posted a Gleaner article on her Instagram page in which the Mayor declared that he would not give permission for the staging of the Montego Bay Pride Event, as the St. James Municipal Corporation. Davis, who is the chairman, says he would not act in any manner which would disturb the “sacredness and purpose of the cultural center.”

“Sacredness of CULTURAL center. The dunce is proud! Anyway…no need for argument. Teach him a lesson on election day, the rude and ignorant wooly mammoth. #extinction #lgbtstoppaytaxes,” Stephens noted on the post as she attempted to rubbish the Mayor’s assertions.

Her response was in stark contrast to Foota Hype’s who, on Friday, referred to Davis’ decision as very good news and expressed delight that the Mayor, unlike the Prime Minister, was being very brave. Many LGBT supporters commended Stephens on her page, who joined her in lambasting the Mayor. However, one follower told her that LGBT people had no business demanding that others pander to their demands.

“Everyone has rights, not just LGBT. Respect there’s if you want respect. That’s how it works! This world doesn’t revolves around LGBT people,” the fan said.

“@legendary_drai, everyone has rights INCLUDING LGBT. If straight people CAN then LGBT people CAN. That’s how rights work. You don’t have the right to say “I don’t want gay people to have this right that I enjoy! This is such a tedious and tiring, stupid discussion!” Stephens shot back.

“Tanya while I understand why this meeting was called, I wonder if it was thought through properly. Number one, this is an event that was advertised. What would have been done about their safety as this is in the middle of Montego Bay? We can also note from above that arrogance mix with ignorance backed by scripture is a horrible mixture and people can be targeted,” she said.

“Homer Davis blocking ppl from using the place is taking away their right of movement if mi nuh wrong… he is saying no just because of personal bias. They need to think about their approach though and ensure that while they want visibility and the ability to speak on things, that we remember safety. Unless like many other movements, they are willing to die,” she said.