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Foota Hype Celebrates MoBay Mayor, Rastas Shunning LGBT Community

Foota Hype was in a celebratory mood this morning, as according to him, he woke up to an abundance of good news.

His joy surrounded two publications in the Gleaner newspaper and its sister tabloid paper The Star. The Star article stated that a group of Rastas had demonstrated outside the gates of King’s House as a means of condemning the Jamaican Government for ’embracing’ the Jamaica Forum for All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG) as a human rights organization. The Gleaner article stated that Montego Bay’s Mayor Homer Davis had denied gay-rights group Montego Bay Pride permission to use the Montego Bay Cultural Centre for a series of events in that city.

“Glad I woke up to some Good news. God is gr8 bless up the Rastafarian community and also the Mayor of MoBay str8. Ppl rise up and speak up. Do it without fear remember none is greater than the Almighty,” an elated Foota Hype said in his first Instagram post which featured the Star story.

Foota who has proclaimed himself the ‘Defender of Straightness” expressed additional delight about the actions of the Mayor whom he lauded for being very brave.

“Honestly it look like this Mayor have more guts than the prime minister of the country this is a win for God and str8 ppl let’s keep it up,” Foota declared.

The Montego Bay Mayor had declared that he would not give permission for the staging of the Montego Bay Pride Event as the local authority would not act in any manner which would disturb the sacredness and purpose of the cultural center.

Another councilor of the corporation, who is an attorney-at-law had also argued that allowing the event to be held at the centre, would breach the corporation’s mandate to uphold Jamaica’s Constitution, which only recognizes marriage between a man and a woman.

The Rastafarians, on the other hand, had stated that they were ‘standing up against the Government who has given ‘recognition’ to a homosexual institution, even though under the Buggery Law of Jamaica criminalizes same-sex relations between men, which can attract a 10-year prison sentence. The Rastas had also argued that by virtue of their actions, the Government is unfit to lead the country.

They had also argued that LGBT organizations do not practice procreation in reality, and so cannot be recognized as a human rights defender, as they do not fulfill the moral obligation to secure the right to procreation under article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Charter.

Noticeably absent from Foota’s page were LGBT groups and sympathizers, who have seemingly disappeared from the artiste’s page since mid-August. Around that time, he declared that he was gearing up for a spiritual battle between himself and LGBT activists who he believes might be operating within the US Embassy and the UK High Commission, who might want to revoke his visas.

At the time, the self-proclaimed Viral King had cursed out LGBT activists who had tagged the two embassies in an anti-gay post he made on Instagram, calling for his visas to be revoked. Foota has declared that no gays at either embassy could revoke his visa and also telling the activists and any homosexual friends they had working within the consulates to “s*ck their mothers.”

Foota had also maintained that he was unstoppable and whether or not he had a visa, he could not care less, as he had amassed wealth long before he ever traveled to either of the two countries.