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Lil Wayne’s Iconic “Tha Carter V” Original Version Leaked Fans Scrambled

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Lil Wayne is leaking again, and fans are scrambling to get their hands on his old music.

On Friday, a leaked version of Lil Wayne‘s highly sought after album, Tha Carter V, surfaced online sending his fans into a frenzy. Weezy dropped the album, C5, in September last year, but a lot of the songs were recorded in the months leading up to the release of the project, while some others were remastered. The original version of the iconic body of work might’ve been recorded over five years ago, and there were plenty collaborations that were highly anticipated from back then that didn’t make the tracklist for the final release.

That original version of Tha Carter V is currently sitting somewhere online, and some fans might’ve already listened to it or get a copy of it. We won’t share any details about where you can get it, but it’s out there making the rounds on the net if Weezy’s lawyers haven’t already moved to wipe it clean. HHNM was one of the first sites to report on the leak, and then Lil Wayne’s fans started scrambling on social media in an attempt to find it.

The original version of Tha Carter V reportedly contains twenty songs with the vast majority of them not yet released. There are songs like “No Brainer,” “Life of Mr. Carter,” and the much-rumored “Scottie Pippen” joint are reportedly to be on the tracklist for the original version of the album.

Lil Wayne has yet to comment on the potential leak, but here are some of what fans have been saying on Twitter.