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North Carolina Rapper Box Carlito Shot and Killed: Reports

Rising North Carolina rapper Box Carlito was reportedly shot and killed on Wednesday.

The hip hop community is mourning the death of another rising star from the North Carolina rap scene. Box Carlito, who runs the Lansky Lombardi Bankster Entertainment company, was killed earlier today. The full story is not yet known, but multiple sources confirmed with Urban Islandz moments ago that Carlito was identified as a man killed. One source told us that he was shot at least 25 times in broad daylight in front of witnesses.

Box Carlito made headlines in 2018 after he posted a $2.5 million bond to get out of jail for a marijuana charge. He spoke in length about that case saying that the justice system is preying on people like himself.

“What I want to say about this bond is this, $2.5 million bond all for a marijuana charge, not a high level marijuana charge, a G-class felony which is a low felony,” the rapper said. “My bond should’ve been only $80,000, instead it was $2.5 million and I had to stay in there for six months. I had to show all my tax returns, I had to put up all my property, I had to show everything just to get put of jail.”

Box Carlito’s latest mixtape “72 Hours” is out now on streaming platforms. Rest in peace Box.