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Intence Says “Time A Guh Ketchup” Drops New Dancehall Track

Intence is undoubtedly a Dancehall artiste with infinite potential due to his unique sound, image, and how he structures his content. He has consistently proven his pedigree in songs like “Loyalty,” ‘”Guh Hard,” “Testimony,” and now with his newest song, “Time A Guh Ketchup.”

This song was born out of a marriage between ambition and the road to success. Intence touches on the subject of life circumstances prior to fame and how they have changed since. Simply put, it’s very similar to a ‘rags to riches’ story where he expresses gratitude for the changes that his music has brought to his life.

Chorus: “When di yute dem a win yuh fi proud a wi king / wi coulda deh yah wid di gun a fire / Neva seh mi neva sin / Jah pour di blessing / Now di fans dem a sing like choir.”

In this track, Intence encourages us to celebrate and promote the success of the youth as things could have been very different. As he blatantly puts it, “wi coulda deh yah wid di gun a fire,” implying that the circumstances could be significantly worse.

It is a wonder how such a message could still have a grimy feel. As he describes how his dreams have come true, he outlines to the audience that all is still not well, the journey after all has just begun. Furthermore, he recalls the adverse treatment he received before the fame, so he understands that the love that comes with it be taken with a grain of salt.

Intence is definitely one of 2019’s biggest revelations so far and shows no signs of plateauing any time soon. His ‘Jettlife’ camp has risen to prominence in recent months with the arrival of himself and artiste, I Waata to mainstream Dancehall. If you haven’t listened to this artiste as yet, now would be a perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with his catalog. If you’re already a fan, then you recognize real talent, and I know you can’t wait to hear Intence’s newest track.