Beyoncé Accused Of Deceptive Practice As “Blue Ivy” Case Heats Back Up

Beyoncé has been involved in a pretty nasty legal battle with wedding planner, Veronica Morales. Reports are that Bey has been trying to get her daughter Blue Ivy’s name trademarked, but Morales claims she has been using the name for years.

Veronica Morales is the owner of a wedding planning company named Blue Ivy. She first filed to oppose Beyoncé‘s application to secure the rights to the ‘Blue Ivy Carter’ trademark in 2017 right after Bey filed to make sure she had exclusive use of her daughter’s name.

According to The Blast, newly obtained court documents suggest that Veronica Morales is accusing the singer of having “committed fraud in signing and submitting a sworn declaration that she had ‘a bona fide intention’ to use the Blue Ivy Carter trademark in business.”

Basically, Morales is arguing that Beyoncé has not been forthcoming about her intentions and should not be granted the ‘Blue Ivy’ trademark. She claimed that the singer is refusing to turn over key documents as evidence on how she intended to use the trademark. She also stated that Bey “never produced any documents, tangible things, or other factual evidence in response to requests for production.”

Perhaps the now-infamous wedding planner’s strongest argument was when she pointed out that Jay-Z himself said during an interview with Vanity Fair that they had no intention of using the Blue Ivy trademark for commercial purposes and simply wanted to prevent others from profiting from it. Morales claims that this along with Bey’s refusal to respond to the request for documents is a clear indication that the Carters intends to thwart others’ profiting from the name which she says “is fraud on the USPTO.”

Blue Ivy Carter was born in February 2012, but Veronica Morales’ ‘Blue Ivy’ wedding company was established three years prior. The legal battle has been ongoing for almost two years now with Beyoncé even accusing Morales just last year of offering to sell the Blue Ivy trademark to her for a cool $10 million. Morales has denied these claims, but our interest has been piqued ever since. More details to come as they are scheduled to head to trial in the case very soon.