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50 Cent Roast Bow Wow Told Him Future Took All His Girlfriends

50 Cent and Bow Wow beef

50 Cent and Bow Wow are back at it again.
50 Cent and Bow Wow just can’t seem to get enough of each other. The two went at it again on social media after Bow Wow found himself laughing at a joke made by Trey Songz in 50’s comments. Fifty posted a photo of himself in a bubble bath Tuesday afternoon, a picture that made singer Trey Songz a bit uncomfortable. “Damn 5, gon make a n*gga block you mane” Trey joked in the comments. Bow Wow also found the comment funny.
But Shad wasn’t allowed to laugh because he and 50 Cent have had tension over the last few months. In June, 50 threatened Bow Wow for allegedly taking home money from the club, and the two had it out in a social media war.
The battle continued Tuesday, and 50 told Trey Songz not to bring Bow Wow to any parties. The NY rapper has been promoting “Tycoon weekend” and a boat party. “This lil n***a crazy, playing wit the money,” he wrote after posting a screenshot of Bow’s comment.
Bow Wow quickly clapped back, writing “Bro out here in the tub thirst trapping to get girls to show up to the party … ima be in London anyway.. Yall gone be on a boat with my old work. Good luck.”
Not known to bow out gracefully, 50 posted that comment as well and wrote “You ain’t got no b*tches lil ni**a @future took all of them. LMAO The f*** you talking bout.”
Future has a son with two of Bow Wow’s ex-girlfriends, Ciara and Joie Chavis, who also has a kid with Bow Wow. Shad took that comment to heart and checked out of the battle saying he was “out.”
Catch their full back and forth below. Knowing how strong 50 Cent’s troll game is, there will inevitably be more to come.