Dancehall Star Teejay Got “Millions”

“Millions” is the title of Mobay deejay Teejay’s latest song.

The Uptop Boss has been having a stellar 2019 so far, and his rise to stardom is all but sealed. The Romeich Entertainment Artiste who was left off Sumfest this year much to the surprise of the fans hasn’t allowed that snub to slow him down. Here he returns with his song “Millions,” and we know what it’s all about. “Yesterday mi buy a money machine / Man tired fi count now,” Teejay spits.

This what is known in the streets as Rich Badness. Teejay talks about his financial blessings but also let you know he is no pushover in the game. His delivery is very much assured, and it’s clear for all to see that Teejay is easily one of the best in the industry right now.

“We keep di bricks stackin / keep on going hard because the life mi live a sin,” the deejay rhymes.

Produced by the prolific Shabdon Records, the producer seemingly behind 50% of dancehall hits this year is also at it again. I can’t remember another producer making such a significant impact besides Stephen McGregor in 2006/07. Hits like “Any Weather,” “Henne,” and “Weed” along with multiple big songs from various artistes on the One Don and G6 Riddims respectively among other notable achievements.

It has clearly been a great year for both artiste and producer; both are currently seeking to carry that momentum right through the year and into 20/20.

The Uptop Boss is definitely finding his” Owna Lane,” coveting a lot of “Attention” in the process while he continues to pile his catalog onto the scene like “Bricks,” heavy with quality. Check his latest release, as he reminds us Teejay is here to stay.