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Lil Duval Angered Black Twitter, Says He Don’t Like Women With “Curly Bushy Hair”

Oh, Lil Duval, why’d you have to go and piss off Black Twitter?

Lil Duval, for whatever reason, shared his thoughts on Twitter about his preferences when it comes to women’s hairstyles. The comedian/singer said he doesn’t like big curly hair and prefers women when their hair is straight. “I hate the big curly bushy hair look. I’m not saying stop wearing it ladies i personally just don’t like it,” the 42-year-old comedian said Thursday morning. “I like every other style tho especially the straight hair look. But that big Afro lion sh*t no can do.”

As you can imagine, this take was not received well. Many took it as a slight against black women, and their natural hair and fans took offense to Duval saying he preferred when women conformed to eurocentric standards. But the comedian, whose real name is Roland Powell, made sure to clear up that his thoughts had nothing to do with race in an Instagram caption.

“And it seems like women love that sh*t the most I think they like it cuz they think it’s a distraction from imperfections or some sh*t. And to all the black women im speaking on everybody. I hate seeing a bushy head white woman too ( had to say that cuz i know how y’all get even tho y’all still gon be mad)”

He was right. People were indeed still mad. A woman with the Instagram name @mizgator commented on the post saying “I’m confused. Aren’t you black? Don’t you already know this is how our hair naturally grows out of our head? Maybe I’m missing something and you just need to clarify.” Others weren’t so kind with their words. Many women began responding with height jokes saying they don’t prefer short men. Lil Duval’s height is listed as 5’2” on Wikipedia.

But like most comedians, the backlash didn’t seem to phase Duval at all. He doubled-down on his stance by asking Twitter “Y’all ever tried to spoon with a girl with bushy hair?”

Well, we can almost guarantee that Duval won’t ever have to worry about dealing with women with “bushy hair” again.