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Offset ‘Freaks Out’ After Cardi B’s Suicidal Tweet Surfaced

Cardi B and Offset breakup

Cardi B sent her husband Offset as well as fans into a frenzy with a cryptic tweet.

On Sunday Cardi posted a quick tweet-and-delete saying “Wish I was dead.” The tweet was taken down but not before fans were able to screenshot it, and not before catching the attention of her husband, Migos band member Offset. Offset wasn’t the only one who freaked out, as the Bardi Gang members (Cardi B fans), started scrambling on social media to figure out what’s happening, while others sent her some words of encouragement.

According to HollywoodLife, Offset “freaked out” when Cardi tweeted that morbid statement and called her right away. Sources told HollywoodLife that Offset and the Migos were in Europe at the time of the tweet, and have tour dates lined up through the end of the week. The source said that Cari B gets really moody when the two are apart and she has trouble dealing with the distance.

Fans also did what they could to comfort the Bronx rapper after the alarmings statement. The hashtag #WeLoveYouCardiB began spreading on Twitter with fans leaving encouraging and uplifting messages in Cardi’s mentions. Just a day before the 26-year-old mother of one tweeted about her death, she tweeted “I’m so blessed” with the praying hand emojis. Cardi has since tweeted out other things including tour dates and footage from her show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

So it seems as though Cardi is doing okay. She posted an old photo of her, Offset and their daughter Kulture with the caption “Thank you,” a message that, considering the circumstances, could be sent to both Offset and her fans for showing her love when she hit a low point.

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Thank you

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HollywoodLife also reported that Cardi B and Offset Facetime often when the two are apart, a common practice in relationships, but also something that was made evident when Offset posted a photo of the two during their video chat that revealed Cardi’s secret tattoo. The “Be Careful” rapper had her leg lifted in the screenshot, and you can see what appears to be “Offset” tattooed on the rapper’s thigh.

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