Foota Hype Addresses Skatta Burrell Beef Says Spragga Benz Takes Sumfest 2019

Foota Hype

Foota Hype Goes Live with Sumfest Review and Addresses Scatta Burrell’s Comments About His Foul-Smelling Privates.

Foota Hype is notorious for speaking candidly on Dancehall events, controversies, and music went live on his Instagram page. Yesterday he offered his personal views on what transpired at Sumfest. Foota says, “Over all Sumfest was a good show” as he begins sharing with viewers that he took the first night of Sumfest, while referring to the Street Dance Sumfest party. “Joe all a call me seh him wah gimme extra money to how mi deal wid di place but mi did afi leave, the jet did a wait.”

According to the popular selector, he took the stage in an almost clash against Scatta Burrell (who he refers to as ‘The Dread’) and swiftly ended his opponent. “Foota Hype tek di wul place. Yu know, mi style di dread wicked… di dread come up back and throw a one song wah gwaan good, mek a one talk seh Foota Hype foot stink and Ishawna seh mi h–d stink, which mi nuh know why the dread would ana sleep wid mi baby mother and a ask her bout my h–d. Dat nuh soun good, so dread yu go loo.”

Foota and his friend, Ninja Kid, had a healthy laugh about the idea of Foota’s genitalia being a topic of discussion during Scatta and Ishawna’s pillow talk.

Further in the video, the selector addresses the real show, the big show – Dancehall night. The men unanimously agreed that the best top 3 male performers of Dancehall night were Munga Honorable, Spragga Benz, and Elephant Man. He goes on to address Bounty and Beenie directly by letting the veterans know that their performance was a classic that shouldn’t be categorized. “Big up the legend dem. Big up Bounty Killer. Big up Beenie Man”

Foota Hype also showed love to Spice and gave her major credit for her multiple outfit changes and overall epic performance and even compared her to Lee Scratch Perry.

Check out the live video on Foota Hype’s Instagram to hear more of his thoughts on the show.