Deva Bratt Summons Jahvillani in New Chronic Law Diss Track “Too Weak”

Deva Bratt wants to team up with Jahvillani in an all out war against the 6ix.

Chronic Law and Dancehall veteran Deva Bratt have been going back and forth recently in an unofficial musical clash. Earlier this month Chronic Law dropped a song called, “Anything A Anything” which contained the lyrics, “Any bwoy man ketch mi bury dat / Nobody nah hear bout him like Deva Bratt.”

In response, Deva Bratt released diss track “Law of Destruction” in which the intro even featured an extract from Chronic Law’s song. If that wasn’t enough to confirm this was a direct response to the Law Boss, the song goes on to include lyrics like: “Di only Law me know a loyalty” “P—y yu wah war so yu call on me” “Now a war so a ‘anything a anything'” “A talk bout 6 6 6 now a 6 foot 6”

Inevitably Chronic Law answered to this almost immediately with his song “Organize Crime” which has garnered over 10 thousand likes on YouTube in only a few days.

The most recent single added to this music battle is Deva Bratt’s “Too Weak.” In the heated track which is currently in the top 20 trending on Youtube, the lyricist targets the 6ix relentlessly, even pulling the weight card in his lyrics “A 14 day dem song weak as / Dats why dem run go to Teacha fi features / Yo dis big bunch a big belly bleachas / Come a diss Deva chu di grung dem get a piece of”

Deva showed no remorse for Squash and his crew or even Genocide don, Masicka. “Mek mi tell yu, every tick, mongrel dog a die / A coulda G6 a coulda Gaza Genocide / Stepping to Deva Bratt is like a f— suicide” Just when we thought we heard all this latest diss track had to offer, Deva Bratt namedropped another known enemy of the 6ix, “Weh di javelin deh? Hand Jahvillani the missile.”

Jahvillani himself is currently beefing with the 6ix and in an ongoing musical war with Chronic Law, who knows if this new alliance will form and what great collabs would come out of it.