Dancehall Fans Divided On Jahvillani’s Explicit Performance At Reggae Sumfest


Jahvillani performance at Reggae Sumfest is still a hot topic in dancehall and fans are divided.

Mixed reactions are raining in from dancehall fans towards deejay Jahvillani days after his partially expletive-laced performance which, according to the St. James police high command, helped to trigger the closure of Reggae Sumfest Night One, which rendered Mobay artistes 6ix unable to perform. Some fans scolded the artiste in their comments attached to a video interview Kern Spencer of media outlet Best of Jamaica Television conducted with the artiste which was posted on YouTube on Monday, in which he was quizzed about his recent performance at the festival.

“The performance was very weak. Learn to do some good songs and that will give you some longevity and stop the murder music and the bad word cursing,” Kardo Mike said in chiding the artiste.

“Thugs, guns, badness, women body parts and gunshots. Where are the police to take this boy off the stage? Boy nuh ready,” Evajaye Reid wrote.

There was no letting up for the Ocho Rios High School graduate, as some criticized his ability to handle media interviews, and ragged him for holding his head down and not looking up at the camera.

“These new guys speak in a weird manner. They all sound like chipmunks to me when they deejay. I don’t have much confidence in them at all. This guy here is speaking with his head down. Do you have to teach someone that that is not the way to conduct an interview?” Delite wrote.

“Why Jamaican artistes don’t learn to do interviews?” a seemingly annoyed Jamaica Nice noted.

Some persons like Ov bago though, sought to take a softer approach towards the 24 year old, urging the St. Ann native to not limit himself to songs which might not have international appeal. “Work on stage ethics Javi, plus being versatile. Don’t sing bout only gun and gal songs dem. Be versatile,” he said.

But it was an entirely different situation over on Instagram where the artiste had uploaded a snippet of his performance at the festival and a photo which he captioned: “Mi a one youth weh no trouble people. Mi a humble piece a youth. Everything wah mi have a mi work hard fi that. Nobody neva gimi nutn and mi neva beg nobody nuttn. That’s why dem gang up a fight man…”

Fans like tambrine_umf sang his praises. “A u tek e show mi gad. Nuh joke nuh inna dat,” he wrote, while another okeenowestbkn wrote: “it’s a good look. Big bad performance.”

One follower, Heineken_boss also took the opportunity to make a verbal jab at the 6ix squad from Montego Bay, from which Jahvillani had distanced himself as a member.

“Dawg from day one me a wonder why you link with them waste man deh. Look how long you a try and nobody will never give you no hand out. A now every man a run in. Stay firm and gwaan dweet a Chino and the real wildside man them alone you need bro gad and if a dirt a dirt. WE NO RATE DEM BOY DEH,” he scribed.