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Rapper Future Bodyguard Gets Knocked Out At The Airport


Future’s bodyguard got knocked out cold while walking outside the airport in the UK.

A video clip has since gone viral showing a man snuck up behind another man walking in the streets and punched him in his face knocking him to the ground. The man who was videoing the footage was yelling, “that’s Future‘s bodyguard.” Of course, the Atlanta rapper has not confirmed or denied the story that the knocked out man is his bodyguard. Nevertheless, this appears to be a brutal, unprovoked attack on someone who was just being about his business.

Law enforcement officials appear to be quick on the scene while some females helped him up on the pavement. Future was seen walking back towards the airport building after the attack took place.

There is no word yet on whether or not police made an arrest, but the incident caused an outraged online with fans making references to the A$AP Rocky situation where he was involved in a street brawl that has now landed him in jail in Sweden. The difference here is that Future did not retaliate and attacked the attackers.

“Then when they hit back they get ASAP rocky smh,” one fan wrote while another added, “If Future had retaliated like ASAP then he would’ve gotten arrested and thrown in jail without any bail.”