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Chronic Law Drops Off A Conscious New Single “Fight”

It’s been less than 48 hours since Chronic Law and the 6ixx crew was denied the opportunity to take the stage at the 2019 Reggae Sumfest Festival. Evidently, this did not deter the Law boss much as he has already dropped his new track “Fight.”

The title of the song echoes the sentiments of fans who were left to voice their dismay about not seeing the artiste perform. Reactions online erupted immediately after the show ended with one user writing, “Me think a setup, a swear. Pay fight them fight the 6 family.” This comment attracted several likes and responses that concurred with the statement.

On Monday morning, Chronic Law took to Instagram to share a preview of his new song “Fight” that was posted mere hours ago on his official Vevo channel. In his new single, the Law boss talks about the constant fight that he has been getting in the industry and his will to persevere.

“Man born fi be great / Dem cya see we tears / Call it a day / We heart full a pain but dawg this a gwaan fi some years / And we know seh victory nuh come without a fight”.

The lyrics hit quite close to home following Chronic Law’s very recent Sumfest debacle where law officials ended the show before he could perform. “Sometimes life get hard / When everybody cut a di Lord mi find / Mi ask him if a my sins mek police a fight me”. In his second verse, the ‘Hillside’ deejay got a bit more candid much to the delight of fans who have been keeping up with his story. “Loyal to mi heart so nobody nuh call me crab because mi never try fi wul mi breda from reach to the top / Go link wid cop but we nuh flap, dem ediat” “Love ina mi heart mek some a dem nuh get shot”.

6ixx fans have been reacting promptly to the official audio in support of Chronic Law’s “Fight.” Check out the lyrical artiste’s new single.