50 Cent Likens Himself To Bob Marley, Gets Trolled By Reggae Fans

50 Cent Bob marley

50 Cent is once again getting trolled by reggae fans.

Social media would not be the same without 50 Cent, as reggae music would not be the same without Bob Marley. On Thursday, the G-Unit rap titan posted the above pic on his very entertaining Instagram page. “No women no cry, No women no cry. LOL,” he wrote in the caption. Clearly, the photo is photoshopped and meant as a joke, but some fans of Bob Marley thinks that it’s disrespectful. Several of his celebrity friends commented on the post including Lala Anthony who dropped some laughing emojis.

Bob Marley‘s son, Rohan Marley, commented on the post saying, “You crazy bro.”

Some Jamaicans who were also friends of 50 Cent weren’t amused. “You have some Jamaican blood in you, so for that, at least use WOMAN (Women is plural – a problem Americans seem to have with differentiating chronically) properly, and leave Bob Marley (The Legend) out of the trolling… Thanks in Advance,” one fan wrote.

Another fan added, “Omg the disrespect. Mr. Marley would’ve never said or done the sh*t u have.” Other left more hilarious comments like this one that reads, “Look like you made a woman cry in this picture.”

50 Cent previously got called out for posting a dancehall video that went viral.