50 Cent Gets Some Heat For Sharing This Viral Dancehall Video

50 Cent
50 Cent

50 Cent is getting some heat from dancehall fans after sharing a viral video on IG.

The G-Unit honcho is known for sharing controversial videos and saying controversial things on Instagram. Earlier this week, he shared a video showcasing a man and woman dancing at a street dance in Jamaica. The pair climbed a tree and was in there dancing and gyrating. While this type of dancing is not uncommon in dancehall session these days, this one grips the global audience and quickly went viral. 50 Cent was among some large Instagram pages who shared the video.

“Jamaican people are different, he put the b**ch in the tree. LOL what the f**k,” 50 Cent wrote in the caption. At the time of this publication, the video was viewed almost six million times.

For a lot of us, this is pure entertainment, and clearly, for the two folks in the video dancing, they’re having a good time. I mean sometimes people do get hurt performing these type of dancing. On the other hand, some hardcore dancehall fans think that this is not dancing and should not be portrayed as such.

A lot of celebrities commented on the video including Stefflon Don and dancehall dancer Keiva. “Proud Jamaican we are very Creative,” Stefflon Don wrote in the comments.

Keiva, who is a dancer by profession, disagrees with what Steff wrote. “Nothing about this is creative,” Keiva wrote. “This is not dancing. Someone going to get killed. This needs to stop. Jamaica is the factory for dancing, we are number one. And we need to star showing dance moves in the proper manner. Jamaican land we Love. However, I wouldn’t call my Jamaicans no b**ch.”

Some fans blast 50 Cent while asking him to remove the video because it’s painting dancehall culture in a bad light. “Fifty you should take down this sh*t it’s not dancehall culture, and people should stop sharing these videos, nothing about this is dancing, it’s madness, and it’s dangerous,” one fan wrote.