Jidenna Got Female Stans Mulling Over His Ripped Viral Photo


Jidenna got his female stand mulling over how ripped he is in this photo that went viral.

In case you saw Jidenna trending on Twitter today, it’s because of a photo he posted on himself on IG. The R&B singer is undoubtedly getting a lot of attention from his female fans, unlike he has never seen before. Most of us thought that he was trending because he was about to drop some new music, but was caught by surprised when we learned it had nothing to do with his music.

Jidenna, who is a Nigerian-American singer, is best known for songs like “Bambi” and his mega-hit “Classic Man.” You usually see him decked out in suits at award shows and other events, but this time he decided to flex some muscles.

This could turn into some good marketing for the singer who would want to strike while the iron is hot and drop some new music.