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50 Cent Says Lil Duval Rejected His Money While Making It Rain In The Club

50 Cent

Lil Duval isn’t trying to be on 50 Cent hit list.

The G-Unit rapper and plenty celebrities were partying in Atlanta last weekend. 50 Cent, Trey Songz, Bow Wow, Lil Duval, and plenty more celebs hit up the club where they make it rain. The comedian/R&B singer was perhaps the only person who didn’t take money from Fifty and for good reasons. Over the past several weeks we’ve seen 50 going after everybody who owes him money even when it’s a couple of hundred dollars.

“We was having a good time, I tried to hand @lilduval some money he looked at me like [as] if you don’t get the f*** outta here 50. LOL,” 50 Cent wrote while sharing a screenshot of a post Lil Duval made.

According to Duval, Bow Wow took the most money from 50 so he might be in the most trouble. “For the record last night I was the only person that didn’t take no money from 50. I spent my OWN money. He got the rest of them dumb ni**az bow wow owe the most tho he was throwing 50 money like it was his,” Duval wrote.

No one can be mad at him given how savage Fifty has been with those who owe him money, even his own G-Unit comrades Young Buck and Tony Yayo. You’re better off pawning your Rolex than owing 50 Cent money.