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DaBaby Addresses Louis Vuitton store Fight In “Carpet Burn” Video

DaBaby Carpet Burn

DaBaby is taking over all your screens with his new video “Carpet Burn.”

The Cleveland rapper has been in the headlines a lot lately for his fights and runnings with his fans at his concerts. Last month a video clip went viral after DaBaby, and his crew got into a massive fight with rival rapper Cam Coldheart which left the Charlotte rapper hospitalized. Days later, DaBaby got into a little melee with some of his fans at one of his concerts. It appears that Coldheart was the instigator in the fight, and it ended badly for him.

What better way to put those issues behind you than to parody them in your new music video “Carpet Burn.” The rapper gets playful with a smoking hot female as he plays the role of a handyman doing housework and yard work while the two of them lust after each other.

“Joke’s on you, b**ch (Yeah) / ‘Cause I tell a ho what she wanna hear / And pull up with a new b**ch (Uh huh) / You already know if I walk out the door / I ain’t leavin’ with you, b**ch (No),” the rapper spits.

DaBaby recently links up with YG on “Stop Snitching (Remix)” where he urged his supporters to stop snitching. Watch Baby’s new music video “Carpet Burn” below.