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Bounty Killer Put Down The Hennessy and Raise His Glass To Martell

Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer will be sipping a different glass of cognac this year.

The dancehall legend was a huge fan of Hennessy and even often drop lines in his songs about the legendary refreshment. Now he is aligning his brand with another historic brand of cognac, Martell. Bounty Killer confirmed the deal on his Instagram account this week. “Get familiar from KARTEL to MARTELL starts WELL!! #LEGENDmeetsLEGACY #MAKEurSTATEMENT |Martell ITS A PARTY June 15th UDC Car Park Water front,” he wrote.

“I welcome Martell cognac to Jamaica and to the premium dancehall space,” Bounty told the Star. Killer also expressed his appreciation with his partnership with Martell and his annual “It’s A Party” event in Kingston. The event is set for June 15 at the UDC car park on the Kingston Waterfront.

Martell is one of the oldest cognac brands in the world and has been known to collaborate with musical icons.