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Ja Rule Wants To Do A Bigger Better Fyre Festival “I’m Mad At Billy”

Ja Rule interview

Ja Rule says he wants to do another Fyre Festival.

The rap icon and his close friend Irv Gotti sat down for an interview on The Breakfast Club this morning where he revealed that another mega festival could be in the works. This is certainly not the first time that Ja Rule is making his intentions clear, but this is the most serious we’ve seen him. Although he didn’t get any jail time, the Murder Inc rapper received a lot of flack for his involvement in the failed Fyre Festival.

The skepticism from festival-goers is not deterring Ja Rule from another possible shot at the mega-festival market place. “I’m getting calls from the biggest motherf**king n****s who do festivals in the world,” he told The Breakfast Club. “Sure, I would like to do another festival and do it right because that’s what I intended to do in the first mother****ing place.”

Ja Rule added that he is still mad at Billy McFarland, who was sent to prison after thousands of people lost their money, including small business owners. “I’m mad at Billy,” Rule said. “He lied to me, man.”

Ja Rule noted that the Fyre Festival was a good idea, but it was poorly organized and executed. A lot of folks will agree with him on that statement because the mega-festival was a grand idea, which is the reason so many people were duped out of their money and time.

“The Fyre Festival was an amazing idea,” Rule said. “Let’s not act like every f***ing body wasn’t coming to the Fyre Festival. It was f**king done wrong. It was organized bad.”

The rapper added that the marketing of the festival was done right, but everything else was terrible. In the end, thousands of people turned up to the venue but left disappointed.