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Joe Budden Chided Kanye West For Selling Expensive Church Merch

Joe Budden joins a growing number of folks who are criticizing Kanye West for selling expensive church merchandise.

Kanye West has been a bit of a controversial figure in the culture especially over the past two years where we’ve seen him making all sort of statements about politics and race. How far is too far for Ye? Two weeks ago he performed at Coachella with thousands of fans turning out for his Sunday Service performance. Ye didn’t just perform with a full choir; he also set up shop selling some Yeezy merchandise including a pair of socks for $50.

Some folks expressed their displeasure on Twitter including Joe Budden who chided the rap icon for his antics. We all know that Budden is one of the most outspoken personalities in the culture, and he is not shy to speak on any and every topic. “From justifying bigotry on your ppl to Church merch and Coachella choirs… God bless us all,” the former Slaughterhouse rapper turn podcaster tweeted.

A lot of other folks echoed similar sentiments especially after they learned the price of some of the items that Kanye West was selling at his Sunday Service pop up shop. In the tweet below, you will see a big “Church Clothes” sign put up on a tent.