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Chris Brown Blast Wendy Williams For Shading Him And Nicki Minaj Over Their New Tour

Chris Brown blast Wendy Williams for shading him and Nicki Minaj on her show this morning.

Breezy and Nicki are getting ready to go on their joint tour this summer. Both artists have confirmed the trek is going down. Wendy Williams aired a segment on her talk show where she offered up some advice for the two megastars. She started out complimenting both Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj saying that she likes both of them equally and that they should open together on the same stage with their new collaboration “Wobble Up” with G-Eazy.

“Personally speaking I don’t think that they should have an opener because I like both of them equally, but what they should do is open up together with their new song ‘Wobble Up,'” Williams said.

The talk show host then added a few shades towards the end that caught Chris Brown’s attention. “They could both do it they way, because they’re both notorious for showing up late, so whoever showed up first wins,” she said.

Brown posted the clip on her Instagram account and gave his two cents and it’s clear that he wasn’t too pleased, but happy for the extra press for the upcoming tour. “OK WENDY I DONT SHOW UP LATE THOUGH!!” Breezy wrote. “I DO HOWEVER SHOW DA F*** OUT. APPRECIATE DA PUB. WHEN U BROKEN.. u live in da shade… JUST KNOW I SAW THE COMPLIMENT IN BETWEEN THE DEMONS. thanks boo.”

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Chris Brown and Wendy Williams have a longstanding beef dated back to his Rihanna beating days. They both don’t like each other and regularly take shots at each other on their platforms.