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Chris Brown Dance Like Michael Jackson In “Back To Love” Video

Chris Brown delivered his long-awaited “Back To Love” video.

The clip was shot back in January in Paris when the singer almost got into some legal troubles after a female filed a police report claiming that the singer and his crew sexually assaulted her. After months of waiting, the video is finally here. The cut kicks off with Chris Brown leaving his apartment in the French capital as a group of paparazzi snapped pictures of him outside.

After driving off into the night in his car, Breezy came upon a mysterious portal in the middle of the road while the full moon gaze in the backdrop. After being transported to an alternate reality, Chris Brown started showcasing his Michael Jackson-inspired dance moves.

“I, I might get lost in the clouds / Every once in a while but I found a way out, huh / I get stronger with time, ooh,” Brown sings. “You opened my heart, oh (Oh) / You got me back to love (Oh, woah) / (That’s where I’m meant to be, that’s where I’m meant to be) / Ooh, back to love (Right where we’re meant to be, right where we’re meant to be) / Can we get back to love?”

Watch Chris Brown “Back To Love” video below.