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Soulja Boy Faces New Lawsuit, Army Captain Says Rapper Scammed Him Over

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is facing some possible legal troubles.

Big Draco found himself behind bars last month and was released, but now he is facing a possible lawsuit after a promoter claimed that he was scammed out of almost $9K for a club gig. The promoter is Army Capt. William Hicks who is claiming that he booked Soulja Boy for an appearance at Luxe Lounge in Birmingham, Alabama last weekend. Hicks says he forked over $8,750, which he wired to the rapper to secure the date for the gig which totaled $15,000.

Capt. Hicks says Soulja Boy‘s representative called at last minute to let him know that he would not turn up for the gig set for Saturday, April 6th. The promoter is now angry because Soulja was spotted in Las Vegas the next day drinking and smoking and to make matters worse, he has been unable to get in touch with the rapper and his people to get his money back.

The SODMG rapper has since apologized for missing the gig while claiming that he couldn’t get a flight out to Birmingham.