Mavado Drops “Nuh Failure (Ghetto Youths)”

Mavado speaks to the youths with new single “Nuh Failure (Ghetto Youths).”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Mavado. The singer is on the airwaves with some new music for the youths, “Nuh Failure (Ghetto Youths).” The conscious single was produced by Armzhouse Records and is being distributed by Johnny Wonder. “Every sufferer / Take your one chance, turn yourself inna man / You feel strange, nothing ’bout changes no wrong / Nuff a we friends dem no make it out / Turn a new page, there’s more to life and beyond / Never know me would a come a sing song / Guess you never know, me would a be a icon,” Vado sings.

Mavado has not been in Jamaica for close to a year since armed thugs shot at him in Cassava Piece last year June. His absence comes at a price with less visibility in the local dancehall space and fewer airtime for his music.

Nevertheless, you can always count on the Gullyside singer for a hit song ever so often.