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Teairra Mari Drops New 50 Cent Diss Track “I Ain’t Got It”

50 Cent and Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari previews a new song, and she wants 50 Cent to drop a verse on it.

The R&B singer is beating 50 Cent at his own game, social media trolling. We all know that 50 Cent is the king of Instagram trolling and Teairra Mari is one of his main targets on the Gram mostly because she owes him some dough from a court case that he won. The Love and Hip Hop star is dishing out some of the old school techniques to get under the rapper’s skin all while promoting her new music.

After previewing a new song, “I Ain’t Got It” on the Gram, Teairra Mari then called out 50 Cent on the Gram to do a verse so she can make some money to pay him his $30K. “Hey @50cent hit me ASAP I need you on this Feature..not dropping it till I get your verse I got you…But #IAintGotit,” she wrote.

It would be interesting if 50 Cent takes the bait and actually drop a verse for the song with the two going back and forth bar for bar. Knowing Fifty, he will not take the bait and opted instead to make his own song or perhaps continue to troll her on the Gram.

If you take a peek at the comments, then you will see her fans asking for the two of them to drop a collaboration or even hook up. “You two should just hook up already would be a match made in heaven, better yet do a reality show together,” one fan wrote.

Teairra Mari decided to drop the full song on YouTube. “Now I ain’t got it oh boy am popping / Am taking off like a rocket for thirty thousand / That’s what you loan / Y’all some lame ass ni**as am a Detroit b*tch,” she sings.