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Rapper Ralo Touts Major Legal Win In Drug Trafficking Case

Rapper Ralo

Ralo is touting a major legal win in his ongoing federal drug trafficking case.

The Atlanta rapper, whose real name is Terrell Davis, has been mostly quiet about his drug trafficking case, but over the past week, we’ve seen new activity from him on social media regarding the ongoing case. Ralo, a fast-rising rapper in the Atlanta rap scene, was arrested in a sting operation last year. Cops say he was moving $2 million worth of marijuana via a private jet. Federal prosecutors also claimed that the rapper is the leader of a gang called Famerica, known to traffic drugs and commit other crimes in the city.

In a couple of posts on Instagram, Ralo revealing an upcoming court date and also touting a legal victory. “Ralo back in court this Friday. There wasn’t an still hasn’t been any search nor arrest warrants provided during the arrest an search of a private jet. We need all prayers to be in that courtroom this Friday… #FreeRalo,” he wrote on his official Instagram.

“I told yawl the boy was coming home this year, court was amazing today. No arrest warrants, No search warrants, No nothing… #FreeRalo Alhamdulilah,” the “Die Real” rapper added in another post.

We don’t have all the details from his court hearing, but at the time of this publication, he was still behind bars. Last year May, he was denied bond after authorities told the judge that he had been still selling drugs from behind bars.