George Foreman Reacts To Daughter’s Death In Touching Tribute

George Foreman has reacted to the death of his daughter Freeda Foreman.

In a heartfelt tribute on Twitter, the legendary boxer shared a photo of himself with his daughter while pouring out his heart. The news broke on Sunday that Freeda died of an apparent suicide at her home in Texas. Foreman didn’t speak directly on her death, but he is clearly heartbroken over it.

“Daddy I want to Box, ”Get an Education first” I said, well she Brought The bacon home ( degree) 2 Kids 3 Grands (Husband) First Sunday in 42 years without my Freeda. She’s With her maker now.10 kids forever. Just 1 more day I wanted okay 1 more year aw 1 more decade,” Foreman wrote in a tweet.

Freeda Foreman entered boxing in her mid-20s in pursuit of following in her famous father’s footsteps. She won five straight fights but lost her sixth before announcing her retirement. Rumors claimed that Foreman paid her to retire from boxing because he feared for her safety.

Freeda, who was 42 at the time of her death, had two daughters, a husband, and three grandchildren.

TMZ reported that the coroner would determine her final cause of death, but early speculations suspect suicide.