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R. Kelly Back Behind Bars As His Money Problems Gets Worst

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R. Kelly is currently back behind bars for his failure to pay his child support.

The R&B icon made headlines on Wednesday for his riveting interview with Gayle King aired on CBS morning program where he vehemently denied the sexual abuse allegations against him. R. Kelly is now back in the news and back behind bars. The singer appeared in court on Wednesday afternoon for his ongoing child support case. Kelly owes his ex-wife, Drea Kelly, $161,633 in back child support and the deadline to pay it is today, March 6, 2019, the Chicago Tribune reported.

R. Kelly told the court that he is unable to make the whopping payment and to make the situation even worst, the R&B singer will have to pay the full balance before he is released from jail.

In his explosive new interview with Gayle King, R. Kelly was very vocal about wanting a better relationship with his kids, all while he owes a whopping child support tab of nearly $200,000. In said interview, he spoke about needing help and denied having relationships with young girls held against their will.

After posting his $100,000 bond last week, reports surfaced claiming that a female fan of R. Kelly coughed up the dough to get him out of jail.