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Nicki Minaj Says Soulja Boy Convinced Her To Buy This Rolls-Royce Truck

Nicki Minaj Rolls-Royce truck

Nicki Minaj says Soulja Boy convinced her to coped this tricked out Rolls-Royce truck.

Nicki Minaj once told us on Queen Radio that her money is very long, and we believed her. The Barbie leader posted a clip on her Instagram account showing off her brand new 2019 Rolls-Royce SUV that Soulja Boy told her to but. Apparently, Big Draco found out that Nicki would be going car shopping sometime soon and offered up his expert opinion. The conversation between the two went down on the last episode of Queen Radio last month.

“On the last Ep of #QueenRADIO Big Draco told me to get the RR Truck over the 2019 Range. I got both- couldn’t choose Sucks I couldn’t be in the US for the delivery,” she wrote on Instagram. Been deciding what color to make the exterior/interior for the last cpl weeks We def adding stars on the ceiling too. Thank you @bobcarking_ The King of this car sh*t. should I make it pink like my old lambo? Decisions, decisions.”

Nicki Minaj prides herself on having expensive pink cars. She once owned a pink Bentley Continental GT and a pink Lamborghini Aventador which was featured in one of her music videos.