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Tyga Kicked Out Floyd Mayweather Birthday Party After Getting Into A Fight


Tyga got into a fight at Floyd Mayweather’s birthday party and ended up getting dragged out by security.

Floyd Mayweather was celebrating his 42nd birthday at the Sunset Room in Hollywood on Saturday night when Tyga got into a fight with another man in the audience. The fight almost ended up in an all-out brawl, but the boxing legend had some extra large security guards on hand who was quick to act and break things up. A video clip has since gone viral showing Tyga being held in a bear grip and getting dragged outside.

The melee escalated even more once the rapper was outside. The below video shows him reaching for one of the security officer’s gun, but the guard held on to it. It’s unclear what was Tyga’s intentions in the heat of the moment, but it’s pretty scary that he tried to reach for the guard’s gun. It’s also unknown who he was fighting with. TMZ reported that Tyga and his crew later left the venue after things calmed down a bit.

Tyga was visibly upset about what went down and getting removed by force from the party. Floyd Mayweather has remained silent about what went down.